American Colonies Vs Southern Colonies Essay

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The southern and mid-Atlantic colonies varied in different was that included the methods and reasons in which they were founded, their economic systems and their family life. “The methods and reasons for founding” The colonies all shared certain elements. Colonies formed in America to bring in revenue to England. Success depended on harmonious relationships with the Native Americans or the elimination of said individuals. Colonies were formed based on joint stock companies or by proprietary means where the king granted the land to someone. Colonies were also created via offshoots of other colonies such as Delaware and Rhode Island. – Lecture “Their economic systems” Economic systems for the colonies included mercantilism, crops, indentured servants, and slaves (Africans). …show more content…

They also had a larger class of indentured servants and were mainly slaved based. In addition, the south lacked industry and ship building. Cotton was their main source. “Their religious systems” The south lacked religious organization; however, the other colonies had a diverse religious system. The other colonies consisted of Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, Jews, and others. “The middle colonies were most tolerant of and ethnic diversity.” – Lecture “Family Life” Family life was important to the northern and middle colonies. In fact in 1691 Virginia was virtually an all male colony, that consisted of prostitutes. However, a key reform that proved to be profitable was the importation of women. This helped improve the family structure. “Conclusion” After the Europeans stole the land from the people who originally inhabited America, order was needed. Colonization was the answer. The “interest in colonization grew in part as a response to social and economic problems. The English people suffered from frequent and costly European wars, and from almost constant religious strife with their own land.” – Page

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