American Empires Essay

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Essay Plan ‘In what ways and for what reasons did the experience of the various European empires differ?’ Introduction Comment on the essay and importance- To find out what is different about the various European empires. Define the question- What they experience. What they were like. What varied? Why were they different? Make the reader clear what your argument is Link forward to the body and conclusion Main Body Develop the points discussed in introduction and discuss why this was the case Spain- Large, many smaller empires within one large empire. Owned West of South America. And some of Central America which became New Spain. This meant they had large amounts of land and this meant power. Portugal-. East of South America…show more content…
A reason for the importance is that without studies we would think all the empires were similar or the same. The empires are different though due to several aspects, one of which aspects are due to the structure that each of the empires held. Each empire would have different structures due to having different views and thinking. Some may hold a hierarchy structure which has depth and well thought out whereas others may just be thrown together. There is also the aspect of techniques, just like structure each empire will hold techniques some of which will be similar to others whereas some will be specific to that empire. As well as discussing the aspects there is also the varying empires themselves. One of which is the Spanish empire and the smaller empires within the Spanish empire. This was one of the strongest empires due to capturing land and winning battles. There is also the Portuguese empire which is close to the Spanish empire and features mostly down Africa and also large ownership in Central and South America. Later, the British and Dutch empire came into play due to the amount of money the Dutch made in exports due to having great profitable products. The British did not come into the fold until later in the empire period. The reason for choosing these four empires is down to them being some of the most important and strongest
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