American Idiot By Green Day: Song Analysis

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There have been many protest songs in the United States; the freedom of speech has contributed to powerful music and protest words that are written in song. The song that will be discussed throughout this essay is “American Idiot” by Green day. This song speaks volume about the uneducated “America” and puts emphasis on the destruction that reality television is making on the United States of America. Listening to the unspoken word and read between the lies, for that then you will understand.The song “American Idiot” was released during the 2004 presidential election, where George W. Bush was selected into office for the second term as President of the United States of America (source). Armstrong was inspired to write this song after hearing a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd on his car …show more content…

Definitely worth the wait, such an amazing show. Could really tell the cast brought their all and loved how much it truly envisioned Green Day and what their “American Idiot” album was all about”( youtube source). The spotlight on “American Idiot” did not stop there, a documentary film was born. The documentary was released to the public in New York October 11th and went worldwide October 18th 2010 (soure). “For the film Armstrong collaborated with Michael Mayer which culminated in the theatrical adaptation and has won Grammy, Tony and Drama Desk awards (source Reasoning and forcefulness is written well in one simple lyric, “The subliminal mind fuck America”. This simple lyric catches the eyes and the ears, because it is exactly on point and direct. “This song is an overview of the album's most important ideas, as well as a sort of a warning calling out to the people across the country: don't let them take away your personality, don't let them turn you into Idiot

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