Ethos Pathos And Logos

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Singer and songwriter Colbie Caillat's new video Try, is sending a powerful message to women about their appearance and society's expectations of beauty. The song effectively persuades women that she can still look gorgeous by letting their natural and inner beauty shine. It creates pure magic with the story, the visuals, the music and the emotion. Watch the faces, actions, and passions of the people in the story and listen to the music. They draw you in to the emotion. The music video uses Aristotle’s pathos, ethos and logos to point its view and to persuade its emotional influence to all ages, sizes, and genders in the society. The art of persuading an audience means using the three basic appeals that Aristotle first described: ethos, pathos, and logos. Pathos (Emotional) means persuading by appealing to the person’s emotions (Pfau, & Price 115). The most powerful tool in advertising or in musical works, for pathos is an appeal to the audience’s emotions. The message is simple that the listener will quickly understand. The song provokes a positive emotional response, through its lyrics such as “You don’t have to try so hard, You don’t have to give it all away, You don’t have to change a single thing”, Caillat sings on the refrain, in an effort to bestow young girls with a stronger …show more content…

Logos refers to an appeal to reason based on logic. Logical conclusions come from assumptions and decisions derived from weighing a collection of solid facts and statistics (Pfau, & Price 118). An example of an appeal to logos is the artist Colbie Callait. She is an American pop singer-songwriter and acoustic folk singer-guitarist. She has sold over 6 million albums worldwide and over 10 million singles. Caillat has won two awards from five nominations, including Album of the Year (as featured artist). Her debut album 'Coco' was released on July 17, 2007 and scored fifth position in Billboard Hot 200 chart after selling as many as 50,963

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