American Neutrality In Ww1 Essay

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So, in 1914, Europe explodes into war, and Woodrow Wilson has to make a decision about what America is going to do. And his decision is to ask the American public to remain neutral in word as well as deed. And he has domestic reasons for doing this - the American opinion is divided, and he doesn 't really have concerns about American security. The war seems very far ways from American shores. But the big question that he has to answer is "what does it mean to be neutral?" And the path to America, entering the Frist World War, is a path in which that definition of neutrality changes, and finally changes to the point where it provokes a between the United States and Germany. so the first definition of neutrality that Woodrow Wilson tries is the …show more content…

German will say, well, this was in fact a justified sinking 'cause the Lusitania was actually carrying If you want to put women and children in front of ammunition you can 't complain then when it sunk. But Wilson reacts to the Lusitania sinking with a third definition of and this will be the definition of neutrality that will be the one that will ultimately provoke this confrontation with Germany. And that is that neutrality is not about trading with no one. It 's not about trading with everyone. It 's about the rights of neutrals. Neutrality means that neutral nations have certain rights. People can travel where they want. They can trade with whom they want. And requiring Germany to respect those rights of neutrals, that will be they key issue that will cause a confrontation in 1915 with the Lusitania. This time Germany will back down, will issue a series of pledges, in the wake of other controversial sinkings, not to attack passenger or merchant ships. But in 1917, when Germany decides for unconditional submarine warfare, that will ultimately be the issue that brings around this confrontation to the United States and Germany. That along, of course, with the Zimmerman Telegram when Germany decides to renew unconditionally submarine warfare in 1917 at the same time the German foreign minister sends a telegram to Mexico asking them if war in fact does comes about will they attack the United States and in turn maybe get some territory. The British intercept this

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