An Analysis Of Monstro By Junot Diaz

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Can social classes affect the character of a person? In his story “Monstro,” Junot Diaz Describes how an infection took over many people in the Dominican Republic, more specifically the Haitians in poverty. He also gives us insight in the conflict the narrator is facing of liking a girl called Mysty who is of a different social status than he is, and of a wealthy guy called Alex and his desire to be a photographer at any risk. Diaz focuses on how an infection can affect people of different social status. He discusses how immune the wealthy are comparing to the poor to the infected, when compared to the blacks who are more at risk of the disease. Also, he shows how cross-class relationships are not really the norm in his story. Diaz argues that socio-economic difference between the rich and the poor in “Monstro” and shows how wealth influences the character of a person and how they live day by day. Diaz argues that the wealthy are immune to the different harms which the poor are more at risk of. He shows this with Alex. Alex, for example, felt like he could not be harmed because he has had money his entire life, he would put his and his friends lifes at risk in order to take the perfect picture. Diaz says, “...Haiti had been destroyed...and so of course what does Alex decide to do? Like an idiot he decides to commandeer one of his father’s vintage burners and take a ride out to the border...And what do we do?...Go with him.” (Diaz 23) Alex feels as though he is untouchable.

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