An Analysis Of The Poem Glowing Fission A Hope

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Quatrain one states that while looking up at the night sky, we see the same stars. these same stars scattered across the sky millions of miles away, and how amazing it is that can we understand them. Quatrain two states what, and where the stars are, and then changes to talk about humans that have left their mark. The third quatrain talks about the couplet’s theme, stating that if we live our lives, we will be remembered as a star (Bruinsma 1-14). This, however, is just the base of the poem. This poem uses literary devices to describe and add more feeling the complexity of stars long gone, and human lives past. Quatrains one and the first stanza of quatrain two are the star stanzas, they talk primarily about the cosmos, “Glowing fission a …show more content…

“Do things that stand out and in a way last” (Bruinsma 9). Anyone can hopefully be remembered for doing what they love because doing what you love stands out more than doing something you don 't want to do. I used this attitude because there is so much pressure to fit into a category in life, even in high school, and sometimes it is just better to break free and “be red in a sea of monochromes” (Bruinsma 10). We all hope to be remembered in life and in my eyes doing what you love stands out more than doing something just to get a job, or make money, which seems to be the goal in today’s society. This poem uses symbols and metaphors to describe …show more content…

To achieve this I started out with five stanzas about stars and how they are: “Glowing fission a million away,” (Bruinsma 5). I also stated in the poem that it was “Amazing that we could understand th[em]” (Bruinsma 4). After stanza number five, however, I talked about past human lives past and how it is amazing how their legacies live on after they 're gone. Another shift was in quatrain two, between verbs and distances, then in three, between verbs and the textures of life: “Millions....Such is a human life that impresséd, and And be surprised by life 's goals you’ve surpassed...chromosomes” (Bruinsma 5-6).” These stated distances were the distances between that of our actions and how far they could go, and the textures added to what are actions could do. The theme is living beyond your life, and how that involves doing what you love. People like Martin L. King, Steve Jobs, John Lennon, and Marie Curie live on and are understood even after they’ve gone because of their passion for life. They

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