An Essay On Haitian Culture

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Haiti is a unique country because it occupies the western third of the island Hispaniola, consists of two peninsulas, and is separated by the Gonave Gulf. Haiti has lush green mountains, crisp waves, and silky smooth skies. It also has a population of approximately 10 million. Haiti is also very dependent on US products. Haiti was discovered by Christopher Columbus and 1942 during his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. It was inhabited by the Tainos who called their country Ayiti, Bohio, or Kiskeya. Haiti was settled in 1670 The Haitian culture is a mix between African and European elements such as language and food. A type of native food that local residents prefer is Haitian cuisine. The main types of arts created in Haiti are paintings Sequin flags. The type of literature developed in Haiti is Francophone. A famous person that uses this is Lepold Sedar Senghor. …show more content…

The best known Haitian leaders were the Duvaliers, Papa Doc and Baby Doc. They were known as tyrants and were very feared based on the fact that they could kill anybody at any time. I know this because millions of Haitian immigrated during their reign. Some famous Haitian people are Jason Derulo, Garcell Beauvais, and Eduoard Duval. They influenced our music, entertainment, and art. They also brought back styles such as stone sculpting and poetry. I be leave they will be a positive influence for future generations Haiti is a very unique country because it has two peninsulas and shares an island with the Dominican Republic. Haiti has had a very rough past and as a result, immigration has played a key role on their economy. Hatians have also had a big influence on today's society and are still continuing to have an impact in our every day

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