My Life With Courage

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Living With Courage I imagine that the pioneers have inspired many people, I know they have inspired me. Who would leave their homes, all of their possessions, all their friends, just to go seek fortune in the west? Some pioneers didn’t leave for just those reasons, some left for religious freedoms or because they were discriminated against. For whatever reason the pioneers left; most ventured because they thought if they made it to the west, life would be better. To me the pioneers are the perfect example of courage. Today courage is associated with superheros or military service. In reality courage is something that can be used every day and for future decisions people make. There is a set of standards called The Cowboy Ethics. The first ethic spoken of is, “Live each day with Courage”. I think that principle describes one of the driving forces in my life by the little things I do each day and the way it inspires my decisions for the future. …show more content…

I wanted to be just like him! Years went by and I kept watching my big brother as an example: I saw how he treated people with respect, and I saw how he wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed. Now that I’m in High School I can see how much courage he must have had everyday to be the brother I always looked up to. Today I notice that I’m in his shoes: there are probably little First Graders watching me closely to see what I do. I want to be the best example to them by showing courage everyday! I have heard that through little things are great things brought to pass. It doesn’t have to be standing up to bullies, but I can get out of my comfort zone and say “hi” to someone that I don’t know to well, and seems to be having a bad

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