An Introduction To Virtual Reality

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Computer is one of the most widely used device by all the group of age of user, in almost every aspect of our daily life. Virtual reality (VR) is the new era of technology. It plays the most important role in the revolution of computer and technology. The meaning of virtual reality exists in the word itself. ‘Virtual’ means almost and ‘reality’ means real, which we human face every day. So ‘virtual reality’ simply means ‘almost real’. "Virtual reality can be defined as a three-dimensional, computer-generated simulation in which one can navigate around, interact with, and be immersed in another environment. Virtual reality provides a reality that mimics our everyday one." (Briggs, 1996). Virtual reality gives a different environment in which the user gets the feeling of being in a virtual environment rather than the one they are actually present in. Virtual realities provide an artificial sensory experience such as sight, touching, hearing and smell. It is also known as immersive computer simulated reality which is based on 3-D display. It is created with software which provides an artificial environment which compels the user to believe it as a real environment.

Virtual reality associates with various fields like education, medicine, architecture, metrology, military, manufacturing, training and many other areas. Virtual reality is claimed to create crucial changes in human lives and their activities (Cline, 2005).Ivan

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