Character Analysis Of Baymax In Big Hero 6

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Baymax is a fictional character in the movie, ‘Big Hero 6. He is a ‘Personal Healthcare Companion’ that has the abilities to detect and assess illness and treat his patient, while completely interacting as if he was a human nurse or doctor. The movie portrays his as a cross between an artificially intelligent being and a robot. Baymax is capable of scanning his patient for healthcare issues, storing patient information plus he carries life saving features like heart defibrillators and medicine. Growing technology is giving people the power to develop tools that improve many aspects of healthcare. Many of these tools are coming in the form of robots or machines with robotic parts. The exact prototype of Baymax has not been replicated, but there are multiple types of robots with different abilities that have been integrated into some healthcare settings.
Communication is a key component in the progression of healthcare. Technology has taken communication to new levels by introducing aspects of virtual reality to healthcare. Virtual reality has improved access to medical training for surgeons across the world. In the near future, surgical students …show more content…

Unlike a robot, Baymax can think and make decisions on his own. A team of medical researchers led by a biochemist named Peter Kim who works for the Children’s National Health System have developed a new robot called STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot). STAR can configure algorithms to decide where and how to place a suture in soft tissue specimens. This means STAR has the ability to calculate the algorithm to decide its next move. Although it is not the fasted method for placing sutures, STAR has produced more precise results than a human surgeon, laparoscopic or robot assistant surgery (Herkewitz, 2016). STAR is integrating an aspect of artificial intelligence into the operating room, which is similar to the intelligence that Baymax

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