Discuss The Factors Which May Affect Child Development

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There are multiple factors that can influence a child and young persons development and these include the individuals background, therefore the family life and where the child originates from, their health influences development and so does the environment that they are surrounded by. Background and environment: Children and young people come from a range of cultures, environments and circumstances and so many families will go through difficult changes during the child 's early life. Some of these include, a new sibling arriving, a breakdown between the parents or moving country. These have a significant affect on a child or young persons development because they will not have that stability in their life for example, if the child is constantly moving houses and countries it means that nothing can be permanent for them and they struggle to develop relationships and friendships with those who they meet. Any of these can affect a child 's …show more content…

Most children and young people go through these transitions but there are also transitions that not all children go through but some and these are as followed: illness either with themselves or with a family member, their parents going through a divorce, new siblings with can be biological or step siblings along with a new step parent and bereavement – this is a difficult one for a child or young person because bereavement doesn 't have a time scale to be OK by, there will also be unexpected behaviours too, there isn 't anything anyone can do to help those, it 's when they feel able to adjust their lifestyles to a loss that 's occurred. This could be supported through counselling sessions to learn how to deal with th grief or by going

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