Analysis, Critics, And Suggestion By Oonagh Rietman

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Analysis, Critics, & Suggestion The paper of Oonagh Rietman is delivering very interesting issue. Where he focused on how cultural relativist and feminist critique towards the international human right. While at the same time culture relativist and feminist quite against each other in their point of view about women. In the paper author provide enough argument and data to support the topic, so that the reader can understand the topic that he deliver very well. The point of the paper also easy to achieved. The vocabulary that he use is also relatively comprehensive, however to some reader it will make difficulties to read it. However overall it is quite easy to understand. My suggestion to the author, author of the paper should simplify the explanation and vocabulary. The paper can use more theoretical to support. …show more content…

If we take a look at the religious perspective, like Islam for example, it has limitation right for women. It is said that equality does not imply same rights. (Bennett, 2010) This is the cause of feminist theory explores the imbalance in gender relations and gender constitution. The feminist critique rise caused by men and male perspectives, reproducing hierarchies based on gendered assumptions (Charlesworth, 2000). Liberal feminism is a theoretical perspective which focuses create equal rights for women and men through law reform, eliminate discriminatory policies and practices that can harm women. This theory states that the emancipation of women is a result of the promotion of gender equality, the goal is to boost the rights of women in order to perform and be involved in the same things as

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