Analysis Of A Nation Of Jails By Lory

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A Nation of Jailers The story A Nation of Jailers is by Loury. At the beginning of the essay the author talks about the racial disparity which have been remain for black and Hispanic men. Many people have become a Nation of Jailers. The author talks about there are lot of prisoners around the world. “there were in 2005 some 9 million prisoners in the world, more than two were being held in the United States.” More prisoners are in the United States, some have committed big crimes and some were locked for committing violent. The author describes that more black man are on prisons, some are high school dropouts and some are just working men. The author considers this issue as more than technical issue. The author connects the Nation of Jailers as his personal issue. He stated that he had lived among them, he has gone through jail, and courtroom. The author gives problems and solutions to the problem with …show more content…

The author stated that the poor Hispanic and black men are in prisons, they are the ones who are not well educated. The author develops the personal issue telling that himself is a black Africa male. He can relate to this problem because he has gone through prison and all other things. The author explains that the crime has colored and everyone have different views about it. Another problem is that the discrimination, and punishment applied to people as racially. Lourey stated that many prisoners were locked up for committing violent therefore; there are many prisoners in the United States. The racial disparity prison rate high in American social life. More unemployment rate, it is hard to control the policies. More people are in the prisons in the United States. The prisoners are segregated, seen as segregated, seen as racial group. They think some people are different because of their culture, their values their

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