Analysis Of Closing Gate To China By Andrew Gyory

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Closing Gate to Chinese The United States is the ideal land for immigrants who seek opportunities and American Dreams regardless of their ethnicity, however, the Chinese ended up with America closing the gate to immigration and exclusion. This book Closing the Gate: Race, Politics, and the Chinese Exclusion Act written by Andrew Gyory answers a query about the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, in particular, why did the US government pass this bill? According to the author Andrew Gyory, modern historians who have examined the issue fail to offer a comprehensive explanation for this case. Gyory also claims that the Chinese Exclusion Act was not developed from nationwide racism, neither nor the behest of national labor leaders despite the fact that these elements formed an …show more content…

Instead, he believes that the reason Chinese Exclusion Act came into existence largely because politicians from the nation quested votes from western states. Moreover, office seekers mistakenly assumed that the anti-Chinese legislation had unexpressed support from workers across the nation. Furthermore, Gyory argued that the laboring classes would intensely benefit from passing this bill. Interestingly, In President Abraham Lincoln’s message to Congress in 1863, he gave his support for open immigration. The very next year, in July 4, 1864, the U.S. government approved an act that encouraged immigration by authorizing the federal government to enforce contracts made on foreign soil and sanctioned imported laborers as well (Gyory 20) Properly speaking, the United States welcomed outside immigrants to join the land of freedom at first, nevertheless, this policy eventually was crushed and restrictions on

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