Analysis Of Dance Of The Furies By Michael Neiberg

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Given the following historical context, Dance of the Furies by Michael Neiberg along with the Ultimatum from the Austrian-Hungary Empire to Serbia and the Willy-Nicky Telegrams contributes to the controversial opinion that World War I could have been avoided if the world took action and prevented a conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. The Ultimatum provides evidence of aggression and frustration from the Austrian-Hungary Empire while the Willy-Nicky Telegrams demonstrates the lack of leadership from both nations and their unwillingness to take action in order to prevent another crisis. Michael Neiberg challenges the traditional interpretations and the claim of the inevitability of the war by stating that the conflict was avoidable. …show more content…

As stated by Neiberg, “European diplomacy expected the Austrians, who for the first time in years could legitimately play the role of victims, to use the incident as an excuse to demand some concession from Serbia…” (66) People though that Austria-Hungary will demand territory or money but no one expected war out of this crisis. The assassination of the archduke on June 28, 1914, was used as an opportunity for the Austria-Hungary Empire to expand their influence into the Balkan area in order to control the Balkan area. However before the Austria-Hungary empire threatens Serbia, they first secured an alliance with Germany. Interesting how that once they secured an alliance with Germany they automatically send in an ultimatum to Serbia. It was as if Austria-Hungary had some sort of plan to execute and needed the support and alliance from the rising military power Germany. The reason as to why they wanted the unconditional support and alliance with Germany before presenting Serbia with the ultimatum is because Austria-Hungary wanted to declare war with Serbia. The empire wanted to use the assassination as an excuse to send an Ultimatum to Serbia and to declare war on Serbia in order to have authority in the Balkan region. Regardless of Serbia’s response, Austria-Hungary made up their mind to declare war on Serbia in order to achieve their goal, total control over the Balkan region. Once they secured the unconditional support from Germany, Austria-Hungary presented Serbia a very strict and restraining ultimatum that demanded a reply under 48 hours. The ultimatum demanded that Serbia suppress all anti-Austrian propaganda like so, “To suppress any publication which incites to hatred and contempt of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the general tendency of which is directed against its territorial integrity;” (Ultimatum)

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