Analysis Of Gandhi's Hind Swaraj

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Gandhi is a very important figure in India as he was the first man to take a stand against the British colony. He believed deeply in the potential of India and how there was no need to turn to external sources such as the British for help. Gandhi was a man that believed that India can remain as is if one takes on that of self-rule. This rule which was very crucial to India as it allowed for many to become free from the British rule. To illustrate, this rule permitted individuals to become embodied to their own strength which, in return gave them unbearable force (22 Gandhi). Therefore, Gandhi composed his book Hind Swaraj and other writings to outline the importance of this rule and how it positively transformed India. This paper will illustrate the main arguments that are being addressed within the text and how those arguments reflect Gandhi’s life journey.
Gandhi’s book the ‘Hind Swaraj’ is a very informative text that explains Gandhi’s feelings towards India’s relationship with the British empire. The text is laid out in a very conversational manner which allows readers to grasp the main arguments of Gandhi. To further explain, the main point that is being addressed within the text is that if one is not reliant enough on their own stance they will become lost within the function of society. He further develops this thought as he references how placing energy into social constructions will cause one to lose themselves and their nations. Gandhi discusses in detail how the

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