It Is Not About You. It's About Us Analysis

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In her essay, “It’s Not about You, Facebook. It’s about Us” Jenna Wortham does an excellent job of arguing the idea that Facebook’s users are the driving force behind its popularity and wealth. She uses several experts in the technology field to prove her point and Wortham herself is a technology reporter for the New York Times, proving her credibility for the piece. While the piece is very technical, Wortham is still able to emotionally appeal to the reader by adding an anecdote creating a connection between her and her audience. Finally, Wortham does an excellent job of organizing her essay to help readers understand the complex dynamic between Facebook and its users. Wortham breaks down potential problems in Facebook’s future and uses the credibility of herself and other experts. Jenna Wortham proves her point that Facebook’s users are the base of it’s dominance of the internet and social media.
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It’s about Us” shows that Facebook is dependant on its users as its main source of revenue. Wortham argues that when social life moves online, emotion moves with it and without a personal connection, it may be difficult to decipher what people are saying online. She also claims that the publicity of Facebook will create problems and a need for the company to balance the needs of its shareholders and its users. Wortham ends the essay with a quote from Gartner Research analyst Andrew Frank for those who believe that Facebook’s current dominance will never end, “There was a time where people thought that way about AOL, too” (Qtd. in Wortham 173). Wortham uses the opinion of experts to prove those that think Facebook is the future of the internet wrong to prove her belief that Facebook’s users are the base of its 100 billion dollar

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