Analysis Of Journey From Class Clown To Suspect In Chelsea Bombing

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In the article titled “Journey from Class Clown to Suspect in Chelsea Bombing”, the authors explain the life and the circumstances that led Ahmad Rahami to become involved in the recent bombings that occurred in Manhattan and along the Jersey shore on September 17. In the article, the author’s intent is to provide some background on the life of the perpetrator of the bombings that occurred in New Jersey and New York. The authors of this article wanted to give the readers of the New York Times some insight and information on the Ahmad Rahami’s life. All three elements , appeal to authority, appeal to emotions, and providing evidence are used in the article called “Journey from Class Clown to Suspect in Chelsea Bombing”, in order to inform and teach the reader regarding the Chelsea bomber’s life. One main writing elements used in this article is appeal to emotions. The authors try to make you feel sympathy over the difficult life Ahmad Rahami had. For instance, the author talks about how Ahmad …show more content…

In one instance the authors talk about how Ahmad Rahami’s life started to go downhill once he began watching videos of violent jihad. The authors mention the F.B.I case that was created once Ahmad stabbed his brother, his sister, and his father. The authors used the case that the F.B.I created as evidence of how Ahmad Rahami’s life was slowly spiraling out of control and how violent jihadists had a negative influence on him. Another piece of evidence in this article was the writings in Ahmad’s notebook. One of the phrases in Ahmad Rahami’s notebook said” Inshallah the sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets. Gun shots to your police. Death To Your OPPRESSION”. These writings provided proof on how the violet jihadists slowly turned Ahmad into a violent individual. All this evidence provided throughout the article helped appeal to the reader’s logical

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