Analysis Of Nada Te Turb By Joan Szymko

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“Nada te Turbe” is a musical piece composed by Joan Szymko. Joan Szymko was born in 1957, in Chicago, Illinois. Szymko’s composition of “Nada te Turbe” has entered the standard collection of American choral literature. The Poet of “Nada te Turbe” is St.Teresa of Avila. St.Teresa of Avila was born in 1515 and died in 1582. She was a Spanish Nun who also wrote poetry is her journal. Her poetry inspired many people and is still relevant today. The piece “Nada te Turbe” was very responsive for the people of the time. During the time period of St. Teresa of Avila many reparations and Wars of Religions were occurring. “Nada Te Turbe” was written as a prayer for the people during the time. This poem helped provide comfort to the people during the

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