Analysis Of Our Country Is Lost Believing In What It Sees On Screen By Chris Hedge

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Chris Hedge’s article, “Our Country Is Lost Believing in What It Sees on Screens, and We Are Going to Pay a Nasty Price for It,” highlights the negative influence electronic media has on society. The author provides a realistic insight into the negative effects of electronic media. Hedges states, “It is the electronic image that informs and defines us. It is the image that gives us our identity. It is the image that tells us what is attainable in the vast cult of the self, what we should desire, what we should seek to become and who we are” (Hedges, 4). Electronic Media is a form of entertainment, knowledge and communication and influences society’s conductivity and is deeply censored, biased and manipulative in order to control society. For instance, electronic news media typically favours one political party over another and their articles persuade individuals to vote for the particular …show more content…

Electronic news media uses the technique of persuasion in order to manipulate their readers into forming a new political opinion. For example, CNN showcases a democratic viewpoint in many other articles while FOX holds a republican viewpoint. As well, the media censors pertinent details in regards to information and provides only one perspective fashioned to be the truth. Especially for world news, the media only mass releases information if it is related to the western world with third world countries being disregarded. Similarly, in regards to entertainment, shows and commercials input subliminal messaging into their programming which slowly inhabits the viewers subconscious. These messages define individuals as it tells them how one should look, what they should buy and what they should know. Mass media’s influence on society is extensive and the censorship, bias and subliminal messages decides an individual’s lifestyle and political

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