Analysis Of Taming A Wild Tongue

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A Tongue without Limitations
Throughout the essay “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, by Gloria Anzaldua the author uses a very explicit writing style which makes it clear for the audience to understand what is being expressed and introduced in the essay. Anzaldua’s essay is a rather personal piece of writing in which she emphasizes the issue of cultural identity and social conflicts that many Latin Americans face when coming to the United States. The author talks about how the immigrants when coming to America are forced to abandon their culture and heritage in order to be accepted by the Americans, “Los Gringos”, “Anglo-Americans”. She creates a comparison between Spanish and English along with the various factors that contribute towards influencing …show more content…

Anzaldua uses italics when speaking in Spanish and regular normal text for the remaining of the essay creating a focus on her Spanish culture and heritage which she is deeply proud of. She also uses personal anecdotes in order to emphasize her main point in her essay. For example, the anecdote of her speaking in Spanish at her school which appeals to her ethos providing the audience with the first-hand experience of the “taming of the tongue”. The author states how she would be punished at school for speaking in her native tongue which was Spanish, “I remember being caught speaking Spanish at recess--that was good for three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler”. The author displays different scenarios from her viewpoint in here essay allowing the audience to live and experience what she experiences as a Chicana in America. She uses diction to establish ethos with the reader by switching between both English and Spanish throughout the essay. This makes the readers feel awkward and embarrassed for not knowing what all of the Spanish words in her essay. Anzaldua also presents other forms of ethos when she states “So if you really want to hurt me, talk bad about my language”(Anzaldua). Then in order to demonstrate what she values, which for her is her native language she states “I am my language”(Anzaldua). Anzaldua …show more content…

She uses all three forms of rhetorical styles, she uses pathos, logos, and ethos in order to establish a connection with her readers but also to illustrate her purpose for the writing. The author also uses different types of rhetorical devices such as anecdotes, forms of diction, quotes, etc in order to convey her perspective and ideas to the readers allowing them to consider the points she presents throughout her text. For example, she uses allusions when she states “Chicanos did not know we were a people until 1965 when Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers united and I Am Joaquin was published and la Raza Unida party was formed in Texas. With that recognition, we became a distinct people. Something momentous happened to the Chicano soul- we became aware of our reality and acquired a name and a language (Chicano Spanish) that reflected that reality”(Anzaldua). The author also uses quotes and Mexican saying such as “Dime con quién andas y le diré quien eres”(Anzaldua) throughout her essay which allows her to illustrate her main points. The primary purpose of her uses of rhetorical strategies, techniques, and devices are to make the reader aware of her main points in her essay. All of the uses of rhetorical strategies that Anzaldua implements does fulfill the author's main purpose and goal for writing such a piece, she

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