Analysis Of The Film 'Arrival'

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“Arrival” is a mystery, sci-fi drama directed by Denis Villeneuve in his wonderful betrayal of the unknown.’Arrival’ digs deep into the unexpected, when a bunch of alien vessels land in 12 different spots on earth, leaving everyone curious about what their intent on earth is. With the military confused they pair together two scientists Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) who both study unique fields as Louise studies linguistics why Ian is a physicist, both are taken to a military base right outside of where one of the Heptapod’s (aliens) vessels have landed. Louise and Ian are given a time frame to work out how to communicate with the aliens without starting a war, why the rest of the world has to decide what to do with the alien vessel that landed in their backyard. ‘Arrival’ is filled with the question “why are you here?” The director uses this question to guide the film, showing how some of the major countries deal with the vessel because throughout the movie we see countries trying to deal with the unknown vessel by trying to communicate to the Heptapod’s so they can sort something out before something catastrophic happens. Arrival’s biggest attributes are how it handles suspense and communication. These are both key features alongside the fabulous cinematography by Bradford Young with his amazing visual style and low key lighting that really helps tell the story further with the dark claustrophobic entrance of the hallway to the dark but well

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