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Andrew Jackson was known for many things; from changing the way America votes, to forcing the Native Americans into Indian territory. Many people have mixed feelings about whether he was democratic or not. No one is just one color, they can be an entire rainbow, and that is what Andrew Jackson is.

There are many incidents where he is more democratic than undemocratic. Take his election for example. According to an excerpt from “ The American Pageant”, it claims that some people who came to Jackson's inauguration came from over 500 miles away! This creates the impression that people really thought that Andrew Jackson could really change the United States for the better. That he was a leader for the people and he would never let them down. Another place where he was being more democratic is with the spoils system. “Jackson’s December 8, 1829, letter to congress,”
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Take one of his biggest “projects”, the Indian Removal act, for example. According to “Jackson's December 8, 1829, Letter to Congress”, he wanted the Native Americans to move out west. Jackson said, “... I suggest for your consideration... setting apart an ample district west of the Mississippi… to be guaranteed to Indian tribes as long as they shall occupy it.” Makes him sound kinda democratic right? Well… none of the Native Americans wanted to move. According to “Memorial to the Cherokee Nation”, the land was bad out west. One of the Cherokee even saying,“The far greater part of that region is… badly supplied with food and water” This means that Jackson wanted to move the native Americans somewhere where they would not be able to thrive. And according to the “Indian Removal Map”, it shows that some tribes had to travel hundreds of miles, and some even cross large bodies of water. Jackson knew they would have to do this. Not only is this plain mean, it also shows that he doesn’t care about all

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