Andrew Jackson In The 1790s

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In 1791, Hamilton wanted to create the First Bank of the United States to help pay for the government’s debt that it had acquired from the Revolutionary War and to create a unified currency for the country because each state had a different form of currency. It was built in 1790, after the nation's capital was moved back to Philadelphia. The First Bank's charter was drafted in 1791 by the Congress and signed by George Washington. In 1811, Congress voted to abandon the bank and its charter. The second bank was chartered in 1816, for a 20 year term. The Bank of the United States was a bank to hold federal funds and to pay national debt, but it was responsible only to its managers and stockholders and not to the people. The main supporters …show more content…

In 1814, he led the U.S. forces that defeated the Creeks. 22 million acres of land in southern Georgia and central Alabama were lost due to their defeat. The Seminoles harboring fugitive slaves caused the motive for Jackson's troops invaded Spanish Florida causing the U.S. receive more land in 1818. From 1814 to 1824, Jackson was involved in changing nine of eleven treaties which took away tribes lands in exchange for lands in the west. The tribes agreed to the treaties. They hoped to appease the government in the hopes of keeping some of their land. They did this to try and avoid harassment of the government. As a result of the treaties, the United States gained control over three-quarters of Alabama and Florida, as well as parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky and North Carolina. Some Creeks, Cherokee and Choctaws voluntarily moved to the new lands that the government gave them, but many did not. In 1823, the Supreme Court ruled that, even though the natives could not hold title to those lands, they could occupy lands within the United States. The Creeks, Cherokee, and Chickasaw established policies that restricting land sales to the government. But some natives tried to coexist with settlers and get rid of any hostility. They made attempts that included giving up some of their land to the United States for the new territory they received in exchange. Indian nations, such as the Creeks and the Seminoles, refused to leave their land and even started war to protect their homes. The First Seminole War started in 1817 and ended in1818. The Seminoles were helped by fugitive slaves that had been living under their protection for many years. Finding this out fueled their desire to defeat the Seminoles. Instead of starting war, the Cherokee used legal tactics in their attempt to protect their rights. In 1831, the Cherokee went to the Supreme Court for help. Their appeal was based on an

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