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Indian removal President andrew jackson signed a law on may 28, 1830. The law was called the Indian Removal. A few tribes went peacefully but some did not want to go and leave their home. In 1838-39 the cherokee were forcefully removed from their homes. 4,000 cherokee died on this trip which became known as “The trail of Tears”. December 6,1830 President Andrew Jackson outlined his indian removal policy in his second annual message to the congress. Additional copies of Andrew Jackson’s second annual message to congress can be found in the “House Journal” and the “ Senate Journal”.

October 3,1790 John Ross, Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1839 to 1866, was born on October 3,1790.February 22,1830 Senator Hugh White, …show more content…

When Andrew Jackson became president (1829-1837),he decided to build a systematic approach to indian removal on the basis of these legal precedents.Andrew Jackson was president for a very long time.Thomas Jefferson, in his Notes of the state of virginia.They always offered citizenship to the Indians.They wanted to become friends with Indians.

More than 4,000 died before they reached their various destinations.Davy Crockett was U.S congressman of tennessee.Cherokee authorities estimated that 6,000 men,women,and children died on the Trail of Tears.Some Cherokee escaped to North Carolina.The Trail of Tears is called the Trail of Tears because of the Cherokees forced removal.

In 1802 The Georgia compact is the beginning salvo towards the indian removal.1803 the Louisiana Purchase happened.In 1812 the Cherokee Nation from southeastern voluntarily migrated to Arkansas Territory.The Cherokee settled between the White and Arkansas river.1817 a treaty was concluded the Cherokee and the representatives of the united states.1818 Miami Indians living in Indiana cede

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