Why Did The Anglo Saxon Lose Their Power

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America is a country filled with multiple ethnicities and cultures; this is due to increase in immigrants. The majority of settlers want to move into United States because of the political and economic conflict back in their country. They are hunger for opportunities and American dreams. As a result, America is considered to be one of the country that occupied with multiple races. At the earlier time, however, minorities—such as Asians—were not welcome into the country. The Anglo Saxon were scared that they will lose their power to the minorities. Anglo Saxon greed for power is what trigger the two most important issues that Asian American face and encounter, which is Anti-immigration laws that cause damage to Asian community and “second generation …show more content…

For example, Chinese exclusion Act of 1882 “intended to ‘suspend’ the entry of Chinese laborers” (17). Anglo Saxon had an intention to preserve their power by removing the minority. Their goal was to maintain at the top of the race hierarchy and prevent Chinese immigrants from surpassing them economically. Preventing Asian American labors and workers was the solution they came up with in order to accomplish their goal and maintain power. As a result, the belief of White superiority continue to exist in current American society. As mention earlier, these Anti-Asian laws reflect on violence and discrimination that Asian American still currently face. For instance, majority of Asian still face stereotype at the public places. The Asians are being label as hard workers, exotic, and wild. To further illustrate, increasing number of South Asians American experience “stereotyping, discrimination, and racial profiling” (45) after 9/11. This is due to the remembrance of Middle Easterners. This shows that the Anti-Asian laws continue to pass down and practice in this generation, meaning they are being discriminate due to their physical appearance. Asian American persist to face Anti-Asian laws in different forms and methods. Instead of the laws, Anglo Saxon change it into discrimination toward minority and use stereotypes to show dominance and power. This become a major issue; it create fears among Asian American, which alter and manipulate their behavior. The fear leads Asian American to believe that their race and culture is inferior. The problem remain to cause Asian American, especially the second generation, to doubt about their identity and

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