Factory Farming: Extreme Animal Abuse

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Factory farming is broken system where extreme animal abuse is the norm. A lot of animal cruelty happen in factory farming. Animals are confined by the thousands and forced into overcrowded conditions . These conditions cause animals to stress , Lowers their immune system, and allows disease to spread. This threatens both animals and human health. California’s dairy cows are forced to live miserable lives trapped in hugged crowded lots where they can’t even move and are covered in mud and their own feces.They never get to feel the sun on their backs or the grass beneath their feet.They spend months standing into their own feces and urine breathing in toxic fumes from accumulates waste. Cows are given so many drugs so that they can keep on producing gallons after gallons of milk, their udders often become swollen and infected. They forcefully impregnate them and when they have the babies they do not get to even be with …show more content…

What people eats is a huge part of who they are. If Americans want to live longer healthier lives they should start by changing their eating habits, and being more aware and concerned about The way that they treat the animals that are providing us with that food.The food that we are so used to eating and enjoy so much can actually be killing us and it is our own fault. If People chose to ignore these facts they will absolutely be affected in the long run. Although factory farming has a lot of cons it does allow us to have cheeper food production due to technology and economies of scale, factory farms can produce food at less cost than smaller farms, which enables customers to save money on food purchases. It also helps with more efficiency because Large-scale farms have the ability to quickly produce and distribute huge quantities of food to sustain large cities. But cheaper and faster is really not always

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