Animal Cruelty Argument Against Animal Testing

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Seventy-three percent of animals every year are being put down due to animal cruelty. This percentage is proof of how much animal experimentation has increased in the last 15 years. This is because of the terrible care that animals are being put through, people debate about whether animal testing should happen at all. Some people believe though that animal testing is quite useful in many ways. The people that see animal testing as being useful, think that without animals, medicine and the military would not be where they are today. However, both sides of the animal cruelty argument, in favor of animal testing and against animal testing, prove points that people should see. Nevertheless, despite the belief that animal testing is beneficial, …show more content…

Furthermore, some major ethical issues with animal testing is that animals are often forced to suffer diseases, injuries, and live in isolated cages awaiting death by the end of the study; but, even though researchers try to reduce the pain, “they aren’t able to completely prevent any pain from occurring” since animals are living beings. Animals experience a considerable amount of pain and are subjected to all kinds of suffering including testing as awful as forced diseases, injuries, and enduring a life of isolated captivity. However, when the scientist no longer needs the animal, the animal is put to sleep without any thought about the animal’s life or purpose; so, this poor treatment of animals is morally wrong because animals live and breathe just as humans do and should be treated with more respect. Because much of medical research has nothing to do with animal testing, there seems no reason to continue this kind of animal abuse for animal testing is obviously not the core of medical progressions. Also, alternatives in the medical field are being made to replace animal testing, so animals no longer have to deal with the torture they have been subjected to, and these alternatives will most likely advance the medical field more than animal testing has advanced the medical field. Therefore, because animals cannot consent to the harmful testing that is forced upon them, testing is morally wrong and should be

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