Ankur Signh Summary

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Ankur signh is a former college student who has experienced the horror of standardized testing. When Ankur Signh was a senior in high school, he made the decision to enroll into an English Ap class hoping that it would be beneficial and help him grow as a writer. Although he enjoyed the literature readings, Ankur felts as if the course didn’t help him with his critical thinking and writing, it prepared him for an exam that he would have to take at the end of the year. Instead of analyzing themes and characters, he was given questions and essay assignments. He ended up doing very poor in AP english and he feels like he learned more about preparing for a test than genuinely learning. Achievement means more than a score on a standardized test. Often, students are given standardized test in school that are suppose to test how much a student has learned over time or how much knowledge they have gained, but this way of testing has become unfair.
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