Chewing Gum Literature Review

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Annotated bibliography
Arndorfer, James. "Wrigley Fields New Pitch: Gum Aids Memory, Stress." Advertising Age 75.18 (2004): 6. Print.
The article analyzes the way Wrigley Jr. Co. tries to widen its market for chewing gum. The main idea in the article is the use of medical studies on the benefits of the chewing gun to promote the product. The article also involves information about the change of the social meaning of the chewing gum achieved through public relation campaigns, which involved doctors. The motive of the author to write this article is to point out the advertising strategies of a big company such as Wrigley Jr. Co. thus it can not be identified as ulterior. I intend to use this source to support my analyses of the marketing strategies that Wrigley used to promote chewing gum and expand its markets in the United States and all over the world.
Feigenbaum, Harvey. "America 's Cultural Challenge Abroad." Political Science Quarterly (Academy of Political Science) 126.1 (2011): 107-29. Print
This article focuses on how the United States’ …show more content…

The article includes valuable information for the exploitation of chicle tappers and their livelihood, the participation of the chicle industry in the national development of Mexico and the modernization of the state. The article is reliable because the first author has a PhD “A political ecology of Northwest Amazonia’’ from Imperial College – London and the second, Michael Redclift, is Emeritus Professor of International Environmental Policy in the department of Geography at King’s College, London and the first recipient of the “Frederick Buttel Award”. I intend to use this article as a historical background for the region from which the natural chewing gum comes, thus it would help me support my argument over the exploitation of chicle tappers and international intrigues involved in the harvesting

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