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Annotated Bibliography “World War II - D-Day, the Allied Invasion of Normandy - National D-Day Memorial.” World War II - D-Day, the Allied Invasion of Normandy - National D-Day Memorial According too the invasion of Normandy played a very big role in the outcome of World War II. When Normandy occurred the allies sent around 5000 ships and nearly 11000 airplanes, along with nearly 150,000 thousand troops in the front. The casualties were in the 10’s of thousands. D-Day is a term used for the day and hour when the attack on Normandy occurred.The letter “D” in front of the word Day in D-Day is what stands for the day the attack is going to take place. Most famously name D-Day in …show more content…

The original attack D-Day was set to occur on June 5th, which is the original date that the attack was planned for, however the actual attack actually occurred on June 6th. If D + 3 means 3 days after D-day, the day after D-day is the day that the attack actually took place. The distance from the beginning of the beach to the front of the cliffs was also given, the average was around 200 yards. So the men who invaded Normandy beach were vulnerable for 200 yards of gunfire, mines, mg-42’s (very powerful german made light machine gun), and turrets before they ever reached the first part of the …show more content…

Paulino was drafted into the army air corps in 1943 and while in the army for two years achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant. Paulino went to basic training in Miami, Florida and was assigned to the 344th Bomb Group and eventually made his way to Scotland. During his time in Scotland he went on many flying practice missions and made bridges up until the day before D-Day. He was moved to London, where no other troops were, if Paulino saw any troops they were most likely in the air force for the raid before D-Day. He says that this “probably should have raised a red flag because normally London at that time was saturated with GI's” On D-Day morning Paulino, at around 1 AM said to have been summoned for a briefing. He says he “thought it rather strange because it was still completely dark out and we normally did not fly in early dawn hours.” Flying missions for almost any occurance take place during day, and it was the fact it didn’t that scared Paulino. It was at this moment that Anthony realized that he was going to be in one of the biggest assaults in the war,

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