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Salem Abdullah Alazmi S00036124 Dr. Buckton-Tucker ENGL 102-05 May/4 Annotated Bibliography The earth is surrounded with oceans, oceans covers around 70% of the earth. With this number of oceans, all of it is effect by pollution. Many animals that lives inside these oceans are effected from this pollution. Not only the animals but also people, that may cause death to some people and to some animals, some animals are extinct because of the pollution. Humans are the reasonable behind all of this pollution. But as us humans, we don’t like to blame ourselves or realize that what we are doing is wrong and it going to affect badly to these animals and people. People are throwing trash into the sea like plastic bags, bottle of empty soda, and more …show more content…

The Wasted Ocean. New York, NY: Lyons & Burford, 1989. Print. This information gives notable examples on how to help us save our oceans from getting polluted, the dates that has be given are from 1950 to 1987. And it was copyrighted in 1989. Those information is telling us everything about the oceans and how the government is helps to protect the oceans from getting polluted so they can save these animals that lives inside of the oceans. The government has set a limit so they can see how polluted is the oceans. This all information that has been written a while ago but it is still relevant to the pollution we have today. The author name is David Bulloch, the author is an industrial chemist. He was an officer for American Littoral Society. The information that he gets some of them are from his point of view and the things that he knows, but he spends he’s time gathering statics and information from different sources. He talks about the pollution in the oceans and he also tells his audience to help stop polluting the oceans. when I read his article, there was more information about how bad global oceans can be, for that his purpose is to inform, teach, and persuade his readers. He techs people different ways to protect the oceans from getting polluted and to protect it and the animas that lives inside of the …show more content…

These information is telling us about the depth of the oceans dumping, and how people are throwing trash into the sea, and not throwing them properly away in their right place. The source is also giving other ways to help stop throwing trash into our oceans and spread the awareness between people. The author of this article is Rodman Griffin. I didn’t find any information about the author on that site. The purpose of this article is biased on not to dumping trash into the ocean. It tells us that how it is bad and how it will affect the oceans and the animals that lives inside the ocean, and the purpose for giving this article is to tell the readers how to not throw things into the sea and keep our oceans clean and clear, for the animals to live peacefully without any harm. I’m using this source because it’s telling me about what are the things are harming our oceans, and the ways to stop doing these things, and also it is telling us what is the bad side if we continue on doing this bad

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