Anti-Discrimination Law

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2. Describe the intent of • Anti-discrimination law Anti-discrimination law promotes equality in the workplace. This law dictates that no employee should be treated differently based on race, colour, culture, and most importantly, gender. While conducting a marketing audit, these factors should be kept in mind so that a proper internal environmental analysis can be done. • Occupational Health and Safety Law Occupational Health and Safety Law dictates that the employees deserve and should get a workplace that is safe and convenient for them. The intent of this law is to ensure a better workplace for the employees. Occupational health and safety law should considered while conducting marketing audit. • Privacy Laws Privacy laws dictate …show more content…

List three of the six major element of marketing audit Marketing audit helps a business understand the situation and prepare strategies in order to achieve the objectives. The three key elements of marketing audit are discussed below. 1) External and internal environmental audit entail assessing the business environmental factors that may influence the strategies and operation of the business. Eternal environmental audit deals with analysing macro environmental factors such as the socio-economic aspects of the business environment, customer demands and expectations, and state of competition etc. This factors are beyond the control of the business and hence the business needs to formulate strategies keeping the influence of this issues in mind. 2) Marketing productivity audit deals with assessing the performance of the marketing strategies in terms of expected sales and profitability. This element of marketing audit focuses on identifying whether the strategies are appropriate enough to reach the objectives. 3) SWOT analyses is a very crucial element of marketing audit. This tool helps the business to identify its core strengths along with the weaknesses. This analysis also helps in identifying the threats and opportunities present in the

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