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Pancho S. Statement of Intent I want to be in AP Literature and Composition because I think it will prepare me for college. I heard that students who take AP classes in high school graduate college at a much better rate than those who do not take AP courses in high school. This is probably because they are better prepared for the level of work they get in college. I want to be ready for college. So I thought just being in an AP will let know what to expect in my future college, if I go to one. I’m not entirely certain which college i 'm going to, if i’m going to one at all, but I definitely feel capable of doing so. I want to keep all of my opportunities open. I believe taking this class will perhaps make a college want to take my money over the next guy’s. I hope to gain a lot of things from this class. I want to learn something worth learning in AP lit. I don’t know what i’m going to learn, or what to expect. I just hope it’s worth learning and taking with me the rest of my life. If there wasn’t anything worth learning in AP lit, then there would be no point in the class. After reading Crime and Punishment, I have a feeling …show more content…

Since it’s an AP class, I expect there to be plenty of work. I’m not saying I like to do school work, but I think this class and the things I learn from it will be worth it. I know colleges will have plenty of work for me, so this will prepare me and build up my work ethic. I am doing this summer homework because I think it will be worth my time to take the class and do more work. As long as there I can see the significance and purpose to the things I do, I am willing to do the work. I intend to reach this goal of completing classwork and homework. I will reach this goal by setting and fulfilling other smaller goals, like coming to class prepared and paying careful attention to instructions. I intend to do all the work for this class because it will be worth it when I

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