Ap Human Geography Research Paper

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Human geography has a wide variety of different factors, one of those many is political geography. Political geography is mainly focused and influenced by political affairs and human territoriality. With this there are different factors that were created within political geography such as, nation, nation-state, multinational state and united-nations. There are factors of our globe which are shaped by imperialism and colonialism. All these make up our world all in different places. These were created because there needs to be boundaries within nations and states which will help effectively promote peace, security and stability. Geopolitics is important to states because it is the way states acquire their power. When it comes to internationalism, states join power for common purposes such as, economic, military, political and others. How I see internationalism is that it helps create a stronger economy, military and so much more, it makes the globe closer. Learning more about political geography, I see it is very important to keep the boundaries …show more content…

Within primary there are a staple theory which focuses around the economic development of a region or country. In relation there is the industrial revolution which is the changes in technology and the production of goods. To me this relates to cities and urbanization how it is growing constantly and changing. Developmental geography is focused around the agricultural aspect which is important in the cycle of life and the world. There are three agricultural revolutions that have transformed to human geography. The first is the rise of farming eleven thousand years ago, the second is the discovery of crop rotation, moldboard plow, horse collar and other. The third is the shift toward agro-biotech practices. This has made it to where there is many different types of agriculture that are practiced all around the

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