Ap Human Geography Chapter 10 Essay

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1. Sienna: Arizona celebrates 4th of July by eating eggs that were cooked on the streets of Arizona.
2. James: Nevada is most gold producing state in the world no wonder people go there to strike it rich.
3. Tyler: Milk is North Dakota’s official state beverage, and grows more sunflowers than another state.
4. Andi: Maryland’s state cat, the Calicio, shares three colors with the state flag.
5. Luna: Connecticut was home to the first hamburger and the first lollipop making machine in 1908.
6. West: The first college football game was played in New Jersey.
7. Bianca: Myrtle Beach has the most miniature golf course in the United States
8. Sofia: Michel Jordan used to ware his North Carolina shorts under his Chicago shorts
9. Adrianna: Montana has the largest grizzly bear population in the lower forty-eight states.
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Vlad: Ohio has the tallest steel track roller coaster and the first soap box derby.
11. Nathan: Wyomia is one of the best places to hunt in the U.S.A.
12. Diego: In 1880 the 87 foot tall Fenwick island light house was painted for a total cost about five dollars.
13. Sofia D.: On July 16th, 1935 Oklahoma City installed the world first parking meter.
14. India: Sequoia national park contains the largest living tree with a trunk 102 feet and circumference.
15. Nick: In Death Vally the temperature has gone to 134F in 1913.
16. Christopher: The first rocket people put on the moon was built in Montgomery Alabama.
17. Sebastian: From 1930 to 1940, West Virginia was the marble capital of the world. Marbles are still being made there today.
18. Alexander S.L.: Davy Crocket was not born on a mountain top like the song say he also wears animal skin.
19. Jose: Each of the fifty steps on the Lincoln birth place memorial represents one year of his

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