Apple Downloading U2's 'Songs Of Innocence'

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Taylor McDowell RED ID: 817914104 CJ 303 12 September 2014 Assignment #1 Deviance is best known as “behaviour that violates the standards of conduct or expectations of a group or society” (Deviance and Social Control, 171). It is made up of three elements: “a perception that some behavior, appearance or belief is different, an assessment that the difference is significant, and a judgment that the difference is positive or negative” (CH 1&2 Lecture, Slide 4). In order for something to be deviant, it must differ from social norms. However, what is considered deviant to one culture, group, or society, may not be to another. These cultures, groups, and societies are considered to be the social audiences in which define deviance and crime. In defining …show more content…

A real life example of cultural capital would be Apple downloading U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence” onto every iPhone, iPad, and iPod user’s iTunes accounts. Individuals cannot get rid of the album; it will always be a part of their iTunes music list. This is going to lead to individuals partaking in the album. This is an example of cultural capital because Apple is using their status and power to influence and “shape popular perception” of the album. Social capital is “the nonmonetary resources and skills that enable individuals to do well in competitive societies” (CH 3&4 Lecture, Slide 7). These resources and skills are centralized around traits such as leadership and intelligence. Social capital means the ability to succeed without the help of money or power. This is where social capital and cultural capital differ because cultural capital is focused on the ability to dictate things through power and money. Also, social class plays a key role in the act of cultural capital, whereas social capital has nothing to do with social

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