Cultural Awareness Reflection

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Critical Reflection In this assignment, I am going to define cultural awareness and cultural intelligence, and will also discuss how they relate to each other. Cultural awareness is the foundation of communication; it involves the ability to standing back from over selves and becoming aware of cultural values, beliefs and perceptions (Brislin.2006). Being aware of own cultural includes the goals and boundaries of a cultural; it also includes religion, language and relationships. On the other hand cultural intelligence has various meanings (Brislin.2006). In one way cultural intelligence includes behaviour with different people who have different cultures. On the other hand it refers to the traits and skills of people who adjust their self…show more content…
As for adjusting to a new culture it is good that people should know the new culture goals such as festivals, food and the way of living. Different culture has different rules and festivals. Such as in my country (Pakistan) people have two main events called Eid- ul- ezha and Eid-ul-fiter and in Australia I find out that people have different events such as Christmas day and Easter day. On the other side it is important to respect all cultures goals and festivals. Being fit and active almost everyone go to gym now a days, In my country(Pakistan) there are separate gyms for male and female but I came to Australia I find out male and female go to gym together, so that think made a different culture for me. One main point is that if people are understand about their cultural then they can understand how we different from others and adjust their behaviour as required. It is important to understand others culture to live and make relationship with people. Travel is such kind of thing to visit new countries and explore others culture. From my own experience I can say that travel to other countries always let us know about others culture and language. Travel around the world and explore others culture is my dream, I have visited three counties (Australia, Dubai and Saudi Arabia). In each of these countries I have sought to understand their cultures by using my cultural self-awareness of my country

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