Arctic Dreams Barry Lopez

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Barry Lopez is a modern author whose work was greatly influenced by his love for nature. You might of heard of Barry Lopez due to his most popular work, Arctic Dreams. He is also known for his humanitarian and environmental concerns. Barry has done a lot for both worlds and has definitely made a difference. But there are three major topics that outline the life of Barry Lopez. His personal life his most famous work, Arctic Dreams, and his love for the great outdoors. Barry’s personal life is undoubtedly intriguing. Lopez’s life life was not very much different from the lives of Americans today. He grew up with his parents in Port Chester, New York. He often articulates his childhood into some of his works. After that he attended the University of Notre Dame, which is still here today. He didn’t stop there. He also attended the University of New York and the University of Oregon. So he was definitely an educated man. He wasn’t always a writer though, he was also a landscape photographer until 1981. He then started writing. He mostly enjoyed writing about the most remote and populated areas of the world. …show more content…

This book is about the remote areas of the Arctic Circle. Lopez traveled there in order to write this book. That hard work has definitely paid off though. This book was so good that it won the National Book Award. This book gives a well pictured, thorough examination of the Arctic. Lopez wanted to write a book about the lives of the people who live in the rugged and challenging terrain of the Arctic, Eskimos. As Lopez says “Beauty is so deep, you have to move into the darkness to understand it.” Lopez firmly believes in this concept. He knew that if he wanted accurate information he needed to travel to the Arctic and live the Eskimo lifestyle himself. During this time he collected lots of accurate

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