Are Genetically Modified Organisms Good Or Bad

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Hunter Hoeft
Ms. Windish
English ll
4 October 2017
Genetically Modified Organisms Increased yields, increased growth rate, and resistance to pesticides. What do all of these have in common? They are all major parts of GMOs. GMO stands for Genetically modified organisms. GMOs is the process of modifying DNA in an organism using gene splicing. Gene splicing is where they go into an organism's DNA and change or swap out desirable genes and bad genes. We can use GMOs to increase the yields of crops. Scientist can also make the crops more resistant to pesticides or the bugs themselfs. Scientist can also increase the rate of growth too. They can even make animals bulkier and fix some of the biggest genetic problems in animals and plants. They can …show more content…

Those people think that if you consume genetically modified organisms the modifications done to the organism's DNA will then transfer into their own DNA. Many of the people that don’t like GMOs just don’t like the facts that the food they are eating has been altered. They imagine the process as disturbing and unethical. Some believe that if you consume genetically modified organisms it could increase your risk of cancer.
The reason why people think that genetically modified organisms is that during the process of gene splicing mutations have occurred on some occasions. They also don’t like that there can be unseen changes or challenges that might occur during the process of gene splicing. This has lead people to believe that genetically modified organisms are unethical and …show more content…

Most of the adults that think genetically modified organisms aren't safe, are actually unaware of the process that happens to the organism. When people figure out how many test they actually go through they realize how they couldn’t be harmful for us and still get through. Not many people now that genetically modified organisms have actually been used for about 20 years now. While some people think that the changed DNa will get into there DNa and change things. That is simply impossible. Not to mention that genetically modified organisms have been in use for at least 10 years and not a single sign of harm or change in humans or the environment. While many think it would be easy to harm humans with consumables the FDA monitors genetically modified organisms the most and take extra precautions and they still passed every test. GE salmon have been tested and are growing to full size in half the time of normal salmon. That a huge improvement! The FDA also monitors the gene splicing process to make sure everything is safe. On all test, on all levels genetically modified organisms have passed with flying

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