Are We Worried About Storm's Identity Or Our Own By Patricia J. Williams

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In Patricia J. Williams article Are we worried about Storm's identity or our own? she repeatedly questions, who's identity we're really worried about. Throughout the story she argues and defends how people should be identified. Giving reasoning on why we shouldn’t critize based on people backgrounds. Giving a statement on why everyone should be treated equally and continuosly expressing her feelings about how she feels as both a mother and a writer. And still asking "are we worried about Storms identity or our own?, so we question ourselves at the end.
Williams starts off with introducing her personal life, bringing in her son and a girl. "When my son was 2, he went to a nursery school where he often played with a cheerful little girl I'll call Jessie." Here she points out two different genders that take role throughout the article. She then later states her maternal role to keep the reader entertained of what she has to say …show more content…

Williams states, "Kathy Witterrick and David Stocker sent an e-mail to their circle of friends", Storms parents wishes we're to not share the childs sex with anyone. This leading the message getting out and going viral, to then leading to negative comments and reactions; using the words, "creepy" and "freakish' then adding "Others called for the couples children to be removed by social services." She does not unveal her feelings as a mother, but continues to project herself as a writer. Williams states in the article the phrases "they were so gosh darned adorable" and "smiled warmly" then changing her phrases to "center of an international controversy" and "a full fledged commitment to life-long gender suppresion or neutered identity." The diction Williams used here really pulls in the readers and then brings in the truth about how society views people based on their sex. Now not being critiqued, the author mainly states how we shouldn’t be identified based on our gender, race, ethnicity

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