Argument Against Universal Healthcare

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Argumentative Speech Essay What is the first thing that comes to your mind when hearing the phrase, “Universal Healthcare”, and why do you feel that way? Your views can fall within three groups, you can either fall into the group that is all for Universal Healthcare, The group that is COMPLETELY against Universal Healthcare, or be within the third group in which don’t know what it means, or simply, don’t care. The world first heard of Free Health Coverage for citizens in 1883 in Germany. Today, thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations in the world offer Universal Health Care with the United States being the lone exception. We as a nation like to think of ourselves as “the greatest nation”, and personally I do believe it’s there, we just need to find it. I believe that Universal Healthcare is a right for citizens to have in order to be able to receive basic health care coverage. …show more content…

However, not everyone against Universal Healthcare thinks its free money towards the lazy, some just believe it won’t workout the way we want it to. For example, many countries that do offer UHC (Universal Health Care) don’t necessarily have full coverage, “many countries promise universal coverage but ration care” (Tanner). Take France for example, the french government offers UHC however, “French patients pay roughly as much out of pockets as do Americans” (Tanner) proving the fact that maybe UHC won’t work for

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