Essay On Giving Back

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"Giving Back" to the community

Growing up in a rural, traditional community called Taylorville was a great experience. Every household knew his or her next door neighbors and who lived down the street, so strangers did not exist for them in that area. If you needed something such as flour or sugar, you could go next door and ask without any hesitation. On Sundays, the community as a whole would attend church and then go home to enjoy an afternoon dinner crafted by the mother or grandmother of the household. The children in the community were respectful and well-mannered to adults. They went to school every day and acted on their best behavior in the classroom as well. It was normal to play out in the streets and take nighttime walks without fear of being abducted. Negative occurrences such as violence, crimes, and unexpected teen pregnancy were unknown to the families as if they have lived in a perfect society all their life. The residents of Taylorville stood firm behind each other, they loved and cared for …show more content…

Giving back to a community means being a blessing to someone else. We live in time where sometimes people take their everyday blessings for granted and need to be reminded of them. Then, we have people who lose sight of their purpose on Earth and need guidance to refocus. Most importantly, we have people in community who need encouragement. Everyone is not self-driven, or motivated and need others to help them find their purpose in life. One thing in life I learned is that everyone is not a born leader because everyone cannot lead in life and someone has to follow like Jesus and his twelve disciples. A community has to have a strong leader to build a stable foundation. Before a leader can ever lead he or she has to learn how to follow and this is how leader are

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