Argumentative Essay: Is Dance A Sport?

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Dance is a sport

IPL once wondered,“Is Dance A Sport? How much longer will the controversy of dance continue? Some people agree that it is a sport and others disagree. Most people who disagree about dance being a sport do not know enough about it. Dance is a sport because it requires work ethic, athletic ability, and builds confidence and emotion”. Clearly, this debate and controversy of dance being a sport needs to end soon. Imagine putting in so much work everyday or almost everyday of your life just for dance not to be called a sport.Although some may believe dance is easy and not a sport, they are wrong.They are wrong because dance requires lots of hard work and skills. And you always have to put on your best performance, work ethic, and …show more content…

Imagine how you would feel if you put in so much work into your sport just for it to be called easy or not a sport. Dance is a sport because it's competitive, it requires many skills, time, and hard work. Clearly, dance is just as hard as any other sport and should be considered one. According to “Is Dance a Sport” by “Cartwright fitness, “Dance is an activity that requires hours of practice every day for several years to become a pro dancer. It involves a lot of physical strength and stamina” (Cartwright,5).Some may say that dance is not a sport and is very easy. They might believe dance is just a hobby and there is no pressure to do well compared to other sports. They also say that dance is not a game or competition. Although dance is not a game, it still has competitions and a very competitive environment.There is lots of pressure on dancers to win competitions. Cartwright fitness also states, “Dancing is considered a sport due to its focus on training, strength, endurance, and flexibility”(Cartwright,28).To sum things up, dance should be considered a sport because it requires just as much or even more work as your typical

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