Argumentative Essay On Alcohol And Drugs

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We tend to think of the terms Alcohol and Drug as a habit or a problem because of the slang words associated with them. Alcoholism. Druggy. Stoner. Junkie. Perhaps the use of drugs and alcohol have other uses than that of an addict. After all, drugs in the medical field, for example, are vital for life-saving surgeries and illness curing steps. Alcohol, although an apparent common addiction, is a bodily toxic flusher, or detoxer, as well as blood thinner After accumulated research, the idea has been introduced that drugs and alcohol are more than components of addiction. In the same sense, what is addiction? How are these things applied in a safe condenment? According to Merriam Webster Thesaurus, an addict is “somebody who regularly uses substance, especially illegally”. …show more content…

In the context of addiction, one would be considered under these terms when over using drugs and alcohol, not just occasionally using them or being prescribed something. Addiction is a self inflicted disease which occurs when one initially decides to make the decision to immediate them. As a result of the usually voluntary act, the repetition of abusing the substance results in brain challenges. This is the basis of why these addictions are called diseases. The brain accumulates the need for the substance, eventually becoming not only a mental need but sometimes a physical need. An online dictionary “The Free Dictionary; Drug Addiction”, examines the definition of addiction as a “strong physiological and psychological dependence on a drug or other

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