Argumentative Essay On Concussions

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More Safety Precautions are Needed in Football 34 of 35 former NFL athletes suffer from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Brain injuries and other injuries are ruining athletes careers. But some people think that the players gear isn’t safe. Even though the NFL already has safety precautions in place, safety precautions in the NFL should be more strict because concussions are causing a lot of players to get hurt, and injuries are ruining careers in the NFL. Concussions and injuries cost teams and player a lot of money. There is no evidence of when concussions really started but people didn’t know how bad they could be. In early stages of the NFL and other leagues concussions were not considered a big issue. Now concussions are affecting …show more content…

However, the players gear is as safe as they can be at this time. For example, “The ZERO 1's unique columnar layer is designed to absorb impacts from any direction, allowing it to slow forces from straightforward collisions or glancing blows” (Revolutionary 1). In other words, companies that make football gear are doing everything they can to make the game safe. While many believe that the players gear isn’t safe, it really is.
Another argument is that people think that concussions aren’t that bad. However, concussions can be life-changing. For example, “The most common neurological illness associated with successive concussions is CTE, which causes brain function failure” (Concussion 1). In other words a concussion could result in brain failure which is really bad. Overall, people think concussions aren’t that bad, but they can cause brain damage and ultimately kill people.
Overall, the NFL already has safety protocols in place, but the protocols should be more strict to make football more safe because concussions are hurting players left and right and ruining careers. Concussions are costing players a ton of money and for something that cannot be fixed. If we continue with the protocols that are in place now even more players will get hurt because the more the years advance the better the athletes get, and the better the athletes get the more injuries will

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