Drug Ad Analysis: The Addiction Network

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Drug addiction is a serious issue we face in this world we live in. Many people face this deadly disease, while most do not know about all the treatment resources available to them. The ad I found is called The Addiction Network, this ad proves that there is help there for anyone that may want to seek treatment for their addictions. While many people in our time tend to not seek help because they do not feel as they have a problem or disease. This ad does not look at this disease as something that will cripple you for the rest of your life yet looks at this as a beatable disease with the right help. I feel that this as is very persuasive to making people understand that there is help available out there for anyone seeking a chance at recovery …show more content…

When the ad beings, there is a doctor who talks about how this disease is costing so many people their lives. He then starts talking about drug addiction, and how this is a very serious matter. I feel that this instills a lot of trust right from the start, as you are hearing about this treatment center straight from a doctor with a degree in this field of chemical dependency. This is not from an actor or someone famous trying to sell you the next big thing, or someone just trying to make more money. Hearing the important facts and important information from someone who specializes in a certain field you are seeking to learn about is a better feeling than simply hearing from a gammy award winner talk about it. We all seek the truth, or personal advice from someone who we can trust, like a doctor. This ad also has prior addicts of this disease talking about their past addictions. That personal connection should instill trust with the ones looking for treatment options as these past addicts have lived with this disease first hand. A doctor can tell you anything you want to hear to make one feel better or even worst about their situation. I feel there would be more motivation for one seeking help after seeing good outcomes first hand, listening to these prior addicts talk about how they have recovered is a huge …show more content…

This ad does a good job not getting off topic of the message it is trying to deliver. Therefore, I feel that this ad does an effective job at making logic sense. We all are very familiar with the addiction epidemic we are facing. There is help available to anyone that is seeking recovery. I believe this ad does an wonderful job from start to finish about the logic of The Addiction Network program. The ad makes it very aware that recovery is now, you should not wait. The longer one waits to seek help may result in death, or jail. As serious as this disease is, I feel that by not sugar coating anything about the affects this disease could cause was the best way to go. Hearing from past addicts and their addictions, to their road to recovery and better living should be an eye opener to anyone seeking help. Listening to medical personnel explaining that time is now, and that one should not wait is very powerful. Sometimes we tend to bend and just say it is okay we can try whenever one is ready. This ad is not the case, it explains to you that we are losing people at a very alarming rate. This disease is not one we should take lightly. Also explains that this disease is something one will not beat alone, you will need help along this journey. Some of us may be very stubborn in our lifetime, but this ad makes it clear that one cannot bring that attitude along with the chance of recovery. With the saying time is now is

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