Argumentative Essay On Obama Care

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In the United States, health insurance is deemed a luxury by many Americans who dream of one day acquiring it. To those individuals, the “American Dream” is being able to have a stable job, live in a proper house, and being able to have packaged insurance. Not many people can say that they have the trifecta of insurance: health, dental, and vision. The Affordable Care Act has had a significant impact on the healthcare system in the United States, but the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, has changed what we have perceived to be as normal. With such changes, I believe that it was a change for the better because people don’t feel the need to be pressured to have it, especially those who are not in a finically stable position, they now have an opportunity …show more content…

Also known as Obamacare, this act was a way for people to be able to obtain healthcare in another way much different from its traditional route. However, once the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 passed, it gave people more of a choice by allowing them to purchase healthcare insurance or not. Nevertheless, before both acts were instated, healthcare insurance companies made all the decisions for their providers like denying people coverage if they had expensive chronic illnesses. “Before the ACA, insurance companies used medical underwriting to determine whether to offer a person coverage, at what price, and with what exclusions or limits based on the person's health status; the purpose was to ensure a healthy risk pool by requiring people to pay premiums that reflected their expected medical costs.” (National Academies Press (US), 2018). Personally, my opinion on the matter of the removal of this individual mandate is that I think of it as a good cause. Even though I believe that everyone should be able to have some form of universal healthcare, that is unfortunately not how our government works. People who are homeless, retired, laid-off, or young individuals who aren’t making enough, among other reasons, won’t be …show more content…

While the people who decide to put food on the table, pray that they don’t ever have a reason to make a trip to the doctor’s office. Many people in the United States often take having insurance for granted because of the privilege they have. For those individuals, who wish that they can afford insurance to bring peace to their mind from what looks like a concerning mole out of their head. However, those people who can pay the money to afford healthcare don’t always receive the best care and end up paying more for that what they have received. “An estimated 112 million (44%) American adults are struggling to pay for healthcare, and more than double that number (93%) feel that what they do pay is not worth the cost.” (Morse, 2022). Though if we are faced with the verdict of choosing to pay the fine to save money or pay for more coverage, I would choose the latter and pay for more coverage. My reason behind this decision is why would have to pay money to not have insurance when I can pay a little bit more just to have it. I understand that you are paying to save money, but at the end of the day, you are still paying money to not have insurance. Seeing as we live in a world where unintentional injuries are one of the leading causes of death and where chronic illnesses like diabetes are labelled

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