Persuasive Essay On Obama Care

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Mr. President, as your health policy advisor, it is my duty provide you with strategic approach on improving health care and the healthcare system. While the United States Constitution and Supreme Court interpretations do not identify a constitutional right to health care for those who cannot afford it, Congress has enacted numerous statutes, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, that establish and define specific statutory rights of individuals to receive health care services from the government. Therefore, Mr. President is it our duty to ensure the ACA is repealed in its entirety and that the repeal will benefit the American people and not just certain groups of individuals. Even though, I am not a fan of individual mandate as it imposes penalties for not having health insurance, I believe its benefit outweighs the penalties and or fines. …show more content…

The individual mandate, which requires most Americans to carry a minimum level of health coverage, is actually still in effect for 2018-meaning that you may have to pay a steep tax fine if you don't have health insurance, for one thing. Even after the individual mandate repeal goes into effect the following year, Obamacare's individual insurance markets, federal subsidies to help Americans pay monthly insurance premiums, and Medicaid expansion in the dozens of states that implemented it will all still be in effect barring further Congressional action. The entire point of Obamacare's individual mandate is to make sure that it's not just sick people who are buying health insurance in these markets. Therefore, repealing it would mean millions of people could become

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